This page will serve as a data clearing house, allow partners to showcase work, post reports and stream visualization of data, promote events, seminars and the newly developed courses/ degree.

International Joint Studio and Seminar

October 2015 Stakeholder Workshop

Working Group Roles

Kick-off Meeting Notes

2014 Global Innovation Initiative Awardees

6/2015, Kick-off Seminar (Florida)

A kick-off Seminar hosted at the University of Florida from June 1st-Jun 4th. Four faculty from UI, four faculty from CU and eleven faculty from UF were attending. The following issues have been discussed:

  • Collaboration and team building
  • Establish Task teams for project components
  • Updates on current research activities
  • Technical review of equipment/software and data compatibilities; protocols of results.

4/2015, Project liaisons finalize work plans

  • Agenda Kick-off workshop, refine schedule